Spice Up Your Winter Style

Getting ready to shop for the winter? What you need is a well-defined list of clothing items to make your winter shopping easy and effective. A lot of men tend to find winter shopping difficult. But when you take a systematic approach to your shopping, things will surely get easy. You need to start by creating a list of apparels that you need. Need and want are two completely different things and understanding the difference between them can often save you significant amounts of time and effort.

Consider outfitting your wardrobe with the essentials first. For the winter season, this means loads of warm clothes like jackets, jumpers, sweaters, overcoats and so on. But there is a chance that you may be forced to stick to a budget. Load up on the things you need to get through the season first before moving onto styling up your wardrobe. Having said that, today we are going to look at all the Fashion titbits that you need in order to ramp up your style. Here is a list of things that you need to load up on to turn up the heat during the winter.

  • Bold knitwear: If you are a fan of colours and t-shirts then this is going to satisfy your need to express your style boldly. The best part is that the bold knitwear style is suitable for both casual and dressier occasions. Make sure that the pullover you choose looks elegant and matches well with the rest of your attire. Choose pullovers with bright colour combinations for casual use and patterns and designs in darker colours for something that you can wear under a blazer and tailored pants. The bold knitwear style has been around for quite some time and is one of the hottest trends for the winter.
  • Plaid shirts: The winter season and plaid shirts complement each other well. Plaid shirts augment the rustic look and feel of the winter season while doing a great job of keeping you warm and cosy at the same time. Plaid shirts are also a brilliant way of adding some ruggedness to your style. Thick plaid shirts are simple and extremely effective in adding copious amounts of style to your casual fashion. You can also incorporate the rocking good looks of plaid shirts into your smart casual style by choosing shirts with smaller checked patterns.
  • Down Jackets: Their puffy looks and the close and comfortable fit are ideal for the winter. Most importantly, they are a refreshing change from the usual choice for a jacket during the winter, the bomber. Fans of the bomber jacket will relate well to the down jacket. You can wear the same trousers and footwear combinations that you would use with a bomber jacket, with the down jacket as well.
  • Hiking boots: When the weather is wet and cold, you need footwear that can protect your feet well. Although they are built for a rugged mountainous terrain, hiking boots have evolved into a fashion item that is most effective during the winter season. They are practical and gel well with jackets overcoats and denim jeans. They also impart a neat and tidy look to your winter fashion.
  • Overcoat: The overcoat is one of the most essential wardrobe staples for when the mercury levels are dipping. They are elegant, sexy and practical. They also happen to be the most effective outerwear for someone who prefers to dress in tailored clothing most of the time. The overcoat compliments, dress shirts, tailored trousers, blazers and leather shoes well. If you are looking to turn heads with smart dressing then an overcoat is a must-have apparel in your wardrobe.

Here Is How You Can Get a Good Deal on Your New Glasses

If your eye doctor tells you your vision has deteriorated or is less than perfect, then it is time for you to invest in a pair of new glasses. When you visit an optometrist, chances are you would have to deal with a hard-selling salesperson. So, it pays to keep a few things in mind that will help you get the right pair at the right price.

Shop online

The best place to look for your glasses is an online store. However, before you go shopping online, keep in mind that it is going to take time before you are able to find what you want. Also, you need your latest prescription and PD measurement. The next point to keep in mind is choosing the right frame size for your face. Also, learn more about which pair will make you look your best. Once you get through these steps, you can look forward to a rewarding buying experience.

Choose a frame that is right for your face

When you visit online stores, you need to start the buying process by identifying the right frame for your face. As long as you know the right frame size for your face, you should not find it hard to find the right frame. Next, make sure you pick a frame that enhances your looks and which also complements the shape of your face.

Frames should complement your lifestyle

It is equally important when choosing your new glasses to pick a frame that complements your lifestyle. If you are a business person, then you need to go with frames in conservative colors and shapes. If you are a more creative type, then you will do well to go with modern shapes and unusual colors. Students on the other hand will need to pick frames that are more eye catching. Busy parents need to pick to basic but stylish frames.

Do your due diligence

When the time comes to pay for your glasses, you need to follow a few tips that will help ensure you get the best deal. The first thing you need to do is perform some due diligence before making your purchase. Also, keep an eye out for sites or salespersons that are upselling you.

Avoid paying for too many bells and whistles

There are many online sellers who offer a number of bells and whistles which add to the cost. So, if you want to save money, then you should be careful about choosing these bells and whistles. Also, make sure you look for big-box discount stores. There are a number of these that have a huge selection for you to choose from and their prices are also very low.

These stores may sell you new glasses for a low price and if you check them out carefully, then you can easily save one hundred dollars or more on the cost of your frames.

You can also save money by foregoing some unnecessary coatings on the lenses. Also, try to look for good quality non-branded frames as they are as good as the more expensive variety and will give you good service provided you buy them from a reliable store. If you keep these points in mind, then you can get a good deal on your new glasses.

Five Tips to Help You Get the Right Sterling Silver Ring

There is no denying that silver jewelry is exquisite. It is also known for its durability, appearance, and affordability. With 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper (or any metal), artisans mostly use sterling silver in rings and earrings.

Finding premium quality can be a challenge if you have an untrained eye. The popular jewelry material appears similar to platinum and pure silver and it is hard to spot the difference. However, to find a quality piece, it is important to know the difference between various jewelry materials.

There are numerous online and local jewelers selling imitations. Regardless of how unique and beautiful your ring design is, it is hard to assess its authenticity. However, if you think you do not have an experienced eye to pick up the real sterling silver ring, we can help you. These five tips will help you ensure that you are investing in the real deal.

Tips to Buying an Authentic Sterling Silver Ring

1. Assess The Ring Price: Assessing price is crucial as sterling silver is a precious metal and that must be reflected in its price. It is better to check the current market price of the material before you go to buy a ring. This tip will provide you a baseline to help you assess the ring’s price. Be aware of inexpensive deals and massive discount rates on the sterling silver rings

2. Look For Specific Hallmarks On The Ring: Luckily, sterling silver has certain specific hallmarks that distinguish it from other similar materials. Identifying these hallmarks is not easy as they are mostly in discrete places and can be incredibly tiny. You might need a magnifying glass and good lighting to check them.

‘925’ or ‘STERLING’ are the two hallmarks that you can find on your ring when you physically inspect it. If your ring has any of these marks, it is of a good quality.

3. Ensure Authenticity with Physical Tests: This is one of the reliable ways to assess the quality of your ring. Simple, yet effective, these minor tests are harmless and do not take much time.

  • One way to test authenticity is to check if your ring latches on a magnet. If it does not have the magnetic property, it is pure and safe to invest money in.
  • Rub your ring with a white cloth, if you see black marks rest assure, you have made the right choice.

4. Talk to a jeweler: Talking to a jeweler will help you determine the price, quality, silver sourcing and hallmarks of the ring. Moreover, the jeweler will better guide you about the latest trends and designs in sterling silver rings.

5. Go For an Appraisal: Getting an appraisal is a convenient way to ensure the quality of your ring. Consult an expert after you buy the ring to make sure you have invested in the right product.

6. Bottom Line: Following the above-mentioned tips will go a long way in making sure you buy an authentic sterling silver ring. Although they are much more affordable form of jewelry when compared to gold, you still want to make sure that the one you buy is of very high quality.

Quality Shoes: The Best Types in 2018

Buying expensive shoe comes with good quality. Though a lot of people steer clear of pricey shoes and refuse to pay a big amount, it is worth mentioning that the expensive shoes have great durability and long life. Unlike the mass-produced counterparts, the premium shoes provide maximum level of comfort and reinforce foot health. When you think about the long-term, you can conclude that purchasing high quality shoes is actually easier on the wallet.


Most of us must have owned at least a dozen pair of shoes in our lives. Athletic shoes have made an impact on the way we dress and live. The sneakers, especially, shows us the significant pop-culture developments, from the mass production to the influence of NBA and hip-hop. Sneaker companies design their shoes in such a way to avoid any chances of getting hurt while walking or running. They enhance the comfort of the wearer as much as possible. As sneakers are the most sought after kind of shoes, especially by the younger generation, they are available in various colors and patterns, and almost every successful brand manufactures it. A pair of sneakers is considered to be both an equalizer and a mark of exclusivity. In a world that promotes jeans and button downs for men, sneakers are the ones which would complement the attire and highlight the crucial element of masculine expression. People’s choices are usually driven by brand identity.


A lot of us like to run. Running helps in maintaining body weight, dropping blood pressure, and increasing the lung capacity. Owning the best pair of running shoes is a must a runner. The running shoes give midsole foot cushioning and also arch support. This can aid in avoiding injuries and improve the athletic performance.

Midsole foot cushioning can reduce the stress directed on the heel, toes and ankles during a run. Arch support is a must for people with flat feet, as it provides the right kind of support during running. This makes running more comfortable, safe and fun.

Those who own the right kind of running shoes have a better athletic performance than those who do not. Therefore, competitive runners should carefully pick out their shoes, as it would be of a great benefit to them.


Slides are the most sought after footwear. It is a type of footwear and are very similar to flip-flops. The notable feature of this footwear is that it is open-toed. It is also backless for easy wearing. Generally speaking, all slides are considered to be sandals. They can be flat-heeled, high-heeled, or sometimes even in between. The name says it all: this shoe makes it easier to slide on or off the foot when the wearer wants. It is trending because of the comfort and look that it provides. This is great for casual strolls.