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Tips on Choosing Inflatable Fenders for Your Boat.

Water bodies are quite turbulent, and for this reason, they can cause your boat to ram into another boat or the wall of the dock. These collisions are can be quite fatal but can easily be avoided by simply employing the aid of inflatable fenders which are strategically placed around the boat. Take the following factors into consideration when making your choice on inflatable boat fenders.

The size of your boat is the first factor you ought to take into consideration when choosing inflatable boat fenders. The main size characteristics of a boat are its length and its weight which are key determinant factors in the selection of inflatable boat fenders. For large sized and heavy boats, you need to purchase more inflatable fenders for guaranteed security of your boat from collisions. Consider having a single fender for every four to five feet of your boat length.

The shape of the inflatable fenders is the second factor you need to take into consideration when choosing inflatable fenders for your boat. With regard to the shapes and sizes of the fenders there are round fenders, cylindrical fenders such as the double eye and the hollow fender, hybrid cylindrical round fenders and mooring fenders. As they generally reduce collision some have specific purposes. Sausage shaped and cylindrical double eyed fenders are the best fenders for small vessels. For large and long boat owners they ought to choose cylindrical hybrid, hollow and round shaped fenders.

Fenders can either be tied in a horizontal or vertical position and the shape of the fender is a great determinant to this. Fenders are hung vertically if you are protecting your boats when you are mooring against a dock. If you are protecting your vessel from a structure such as a piling; you ought to choose fenders which can be tied in a horizontal position.

The third factor you need to take into consideration when choosing fenders is the conditions your boat is exposed to during docking or when it is in the docks. Take into regard the conditions you experience during docking and match the shape and the size of the fenders to these conditions.

The last factor you need to take into consideration is the price of the fenders and the associated gear you need to acquire during the acquisition of the fenders. With regard to price go for affordable fenders as they are generally available and fair prices are charged for them. Purchasing from a reputable brand seller is highly recommended. Some of the gears you need to acquire in line with the fenders are the fender covers, fender racks and a hand operated fender pump for maintaining the pressure of inflatable fenders. For a blended appearance, choose a fender color which matches that of your boat.

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