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What You Should Know About Criminal Record Expungement

One can get records that will not include a criminal charge or a criminal conviction that they have gone through in the past when they get an expungement. For one to get an expungement, one must meet some qualifications. To get an expungement, one has to go through an expungement process and this will vary from state to state. People who have criminal records or convictions have a difficult time getting jobs and this is why they may want an expungement so that they can be able to find employment opportunities. There are limitations for people who may have a criminal record and this may reduce the chances of pursuing an academic opportunity. Another problem of having a criminal record is that one may not be able to get government aid.

When one gets an expungement, one’s records cannot be viewed by third parties even though the records will be maintained by the judicial system. An expungement process requires one to file for an expungement. One will fill an expungement form which requires details of one’s date of arrest, the date of conviction etc. One must show that they have maintained good character and this is why they must submit three affidavits which should be from people who are not related by blood or even marriage. One is required to pay when they are filing for an expungement.

Expungement attorneys usually assist clients in the filing of an expungement. One can have a fast expungement process if they decide to use an expungement attorney who is knowledgeable about the proper procedure for filing a petition. An experienced expungement attorney can file an expungement petition correctly. When one uses an expungement attorney, one will get additional advice during the process. The number of years after a conviction can determine whether one can get an expungement and this is why one should listen to the advice of an expungement attorney. An expungement attorney is knowledgeable about the cases where one can get an expungement and if one has committed some crimes they may not be able to get this so one should seek an attorney’s advice.

It is less stressful when one has an expungement attorney to handle their expungement because this means that the attorney will handle all the paperwork. One should find out about the charges of an expungement attorney before one hires an expungement attorney. It is good to know if one will be required to pay for an expungement attorney for an extended period of time especially if the expungement process is a long one.

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