Winter Style Myths For Men

The world of fashion is full of rules. If you don’t adhere to them you will get a reputation for being a failed dresser in no time. Sports sneakers with Chinos, clashing colours, mismatched patterns can all make you infamous for your fashion sense (or lack of!). As a result of this influence, fashion myths are circulating around, things which people fear doing, even though no one cares! Fashion myths make men take away a good ensemble that is perfectly acceptable, (good looking even!). And throw it away because it is considered unacceptable.

  • Completely New wardrobe for Winter: We all seem to always put borders between winter apparel and summer ones. But what if we told you that there is one way of using the clothes that you already have to whip up some styles for the colder times of the year? Layering will help you put your existing clothes to good use. Start with a denim jacket and throw it on top of a plaid shirt and complete the look with denim jeans and Chelsea boots. See how easy that was?
  • Leave the Prints for the Summer: So you have been rocking those floral print designer shirts and the printed polos all summer. Well, guess what? You can rock them just as well during the winter. Printed apparels work well with tailored attire and dark coloured jackets and trousers. You see it is all about highlighting your prints. With a printed shirt or Polo shirt, you can throw on a denim jacket and an overcoat with tailored trousers and you have a fun looking yet sophisticated look for the season. Make the prints the star of the show and complement with monochrome colours all around them.
  • Any thick Fabric will Work as a Layer: Layering is a well thought out process. You can ruin it completely by just wearing whatever you feel like, one on top of the other. You need to think about how each piece that you choose for an ensemble works well with the other components. Be smart with what you choose and pay attention to how the colour of your clothes work with each other. Layers that complement each other well will help you stand out from the crowd for their distinct looks.
  • No whites for the Winter: White is a versatile colour. Mainly it works well with a wide array of other colours across the palette and with its directly contrasting counterparts like black and grey. You can leverage this versatility of white and use it well in a winter wardrobe ensemble. Try wearing white oxford shirts with your smart fashion and white jumpers and pullovers with casual wear. It will make your style distinct and memorable.
  • Gilets are Immature: Gilets have a rugged look. They are usually associated with outdoor activities like mountain climbing. As it turns out, they work well with casual shirts, under an overcoat and even a blazer. Sure, you can’t wear them in bright colours like you would when you are dressed for the outdoors. Stick to neutral colours that compliment your tailored wardrobe to use gilets well.