Desert Boots For The Winter

A pair of desert boots is one of those types of footwear that are best suited for all kinds of weather despite their name. Yes, this includes the winter months as well. Desert boots are sturdy, warm, and fit a wide range of looks ranging from casual outfits to other sleeker styles. This makes them one of the essentials you simply cannot afford to (or rather, should not ignore!). They are immensely comfortable and tend to give your fashion a softer edge.

Desert boots are not just meant for certain occasions. Think of them as footwear that is both casual and formal at the same time. It is this winning combination that makes them a splendid choice for wearing during the winter. Let us now look at some of the ways to style them up.

  • Suede Vs Leather

The first set of desert boots or Chukka boots as they were known as were made of suede by Clark’s Originals. The simple reason behind this was the hot weather in Egypt where they were made for the first time. Although standard leather was more durable, suede was lighter, more comfortable and easy to live with.

Suede is ideal for use with tailored trousers and chinos. Its appearance and style is perfect for pairing them up with light coloured shirts as well. Leather desert boots, on the other hand, have a sturdier look that gives your style a rugged demeanour. Denim jeans, casual jackets, and pullovers work flawlessly with leather desert boots. While one is best suited for apparel that is crafted from thinner fabrics, you can wear them both during the winter comfortably. The key to styling them both up is neatness, especially in the case of suede desert boots which need to be kept dry and dust free.

  • Colour it up

While materials give desert boots their style, there is one other attribute that is far more influential at defining the feel of your style, that is, the colour. Suede boots come in a variety of colours ranging from brown to black and beige. While the availability of all these colours can be advantageous, things can get a little confusing when working with them. Here are some suggestions for you to try over the winter.

  1. Black Desert Boots: Black augments the minimalistic look of desert boots well. Try black desert boots on with a pair of black jeans or chinos. This will create a great foundation on top of which you can build up the rest of your style with pullovers and jackets alternatively you can add the smart casual touch to this style by substituting the denim jeans and jacket for tailored trousers and an overcoat.
  2. Brown Desert Boots: Brown and blue work well with each other flawlessly. They also look the best when worn with blue denim jeans. This is exactly why you should try the combination of blue denim jeans and brown desert boots. These two extremely sexy components create a spectacular base for a wide variety of casual ensembles. From jackets to casual shirts and pullovers you can try a wide variety of styles with brown desert boots.
  3. Blue-Grey Desert Boots: Blue-grey boots pave the way for you to introduce some light colours at the top. What we mean is, you can wear light brown, light grey and even lighter tones of blue with grey coloured desert boots. This colour combination will be a refreshing change over the predominantly dark colour choices that are usually worn by men during the winter.