4 Top Ways to Wear Jeans With a Blazer

The jeans and blazer combo makes for an incredibly versatile look. You can use this combination to make quite an impression at a plethora of dressing scenarios. The blazer brings a touch of classic Elegance while the denim jeans make the entire ensemble distinct and interesting. While this combination of denim jeans and a blazer is simple to create and easy to use, there are a lot of things that can easily go wrong when trying it.

A suit jacket and a dress shirt worn with denim jeans may not particularly be the best way forward. You need a blazer that blends well with the casual charm of denim jeans. Try experimenting with different shades of blue, grey, and black and see how they work with denim jeans in similar colours. The key to this look is getting the blazer and your jeans to complement each other without having to choose both of them in the same colour tone.

Here are four awesome combinations to get you started:

  1. Monochrome: Never underestimate the power of monochrome. It can be one of the most practical and effective looks when working with smart fashion apparels. Try on a black blazer with a pair of well-fitting denim jeans in jet black. You can throw on a grey coloured t-shirt or jumper depending upon how cold it is outside. Top this with a pair of black Chelsea boots and what you have is a look that is extremely smart with the sexy Appeal of denim jeans that fit the body well.
  2. Retro: You need a patterned blazer for this style. Checks are the ideal patterns that make a blazer look really good. Choose a checked blazer in Grey or tones of blue and complete this look with a pair of Indigo or black denim jeans depending on the colour of your jacket. The retro look is great for social events such as an office get together. The checks do a great job of keeping things smart without making you look overdressed.
  3. Workwear Vibe: Cotton workwear jackets and their ‘rustic’ charm makes things interesting in the smart department. The unstructured nature of these jackets and their simplicity gives them a tidy look. A work jacket in faded blue or green worn with a pair of blue denim jeans is a fantastic look. Although it is the least formal of all the styles included in our list today, it is by no means anything short of a spectacular look.
  4. The Autumn Look: This is a great way for you to experiment with alternative fabrics. A blazer made of wool or a flannel jacket worn over a knitwear pullover is a classic style that has stood the test of time. This look also happens to be one of the popular choices for smart dressing during autumn or winter. This is a neat and relaxed look that works well with black as well as blue denim jeans. This one is definitely worth trying.

The combination of a blazer and denim jeans is an extremely useful look for the colder times of the year. The best part is it is perfectly appropriate for casual wearing and for a wide variety of smart dressing scenarios like office wear.